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Project no. 964931, EU-Horizon2020, FET-OPEN
Topological solitons in antiferroelectrics (TSAR)
J. Hlinka, (2021-2024)

On the trail of novel spintronic and electronic devices via exotic light-matter interactions

Topological states are exotic phases of matter resistant to change. They give rise to phenomena such as crystals that insulate on the inside but conduct electricity on their surfaces (topological insulators) or chiral arrangements of some order parameters in real space. It is also possible to isolate individual topological entities and use them for specific tasks, especially for information technology purposes. The EU-funded TSAR project will investigate topological phenomena in 'unconventional' topological materials where the staggered orders (electric and magnetic) result in a macroscopic cancellation of their built-in fields. This will open new horizons in the manipulation of individual topological solitons at very fast speed.

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website: https://www.tsar-fetopen.eu/.

Project no. 21-20110K of the Czech Science Foundation - International Lead Agency
Semiconductor - dielectric heterostructures for photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution (SeDiHe)
J. Hlinka, (2021-2023)
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Project no. 19-28594X of the Czech Science Foundation
Ferroelectric skyrmions
J. Hlinka, (2019-2023)
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Past projects:

Project no. 19-13525S of the Czech Science Foundation
Quantum coherence in systems with correlated electrons: Superconductivity and magnetism in nano and bulk materials
V. Janiš, (2019-2021)
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INTER-COST LTC19045 of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Correlation induced quantum fluctuations in low-dimensional superconducting structures
V. Janiš, (2019-2021)
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