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Department of Dielectrics

Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences


Theory and simulations

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Group leader
Pavel Márton marton(a)fzu.cz domain wall and domain structure simulations within phenomenological and microscopic models
Václav Janiš janis(a)fzu.cz quantum phase transitions in itinerant systems, theory of spin glasses and other random systems, theory of strongly correlated electrons
Václav Janovec janovec(a)fzu.cz group theory, domain wall phenomena, phase transitions
Antonín Klíč klic(a)fzu.cz theory and modelling of ordering in ferroelectrics and glasses
Marek Pasciak pasciak(a)fzu.cz ab-inito calculations and molecular dynamics, short-range order theory and experiments
Ivan Rychetský rychet(a)fzu.cz theory: structural phase transitions, properties of inhomogeneous systems, ferroics
Vilgelmina Stepkova stepkova(a)fzu.cz domain structure simulations, Ginzburg-Landau-Devonshire modeling
Pavel Baláž balaz(a)fzu.cz -
Mauro Gonçalves goncalves(a)fzu.cz ab-initio and molecular dynamics
John Mangeri mangeri(a)fzu.cz ab-initio and phase-field modelling
Jiawei Yan yan(a)fzu.cz -
Peter Zalom zalomp(a)fzu.cz quantum coherence in correlated electron systems, superconducting nanostructures
PhD students
Dmytro Bohdanov bohdanov(a)fzu.cz ab-initio calculations