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ABINIT school on ground state and linear response properties

Prague, Czech Republic, 2–6 September 2019

In this 5-days ABINIT school we will teach the capabilities of ABINIT for ground state, linear-response properties and molecular dynamics as well as the most recent advances made in the code: noncollinear magnetism and linear response with magnetic field, PIMD, second-principles MULTIBINIT code. This will give the participants a strong knowledge of how to use the ABINIT capabilities for newcomers but also about the capabilities of the latest developments for more advanced users. In this school we thus propose to focus on the following topics:

The format of the school will involve theoretical lectures in the morning and application tutorials in the afternoon.

Access to a few desktop computers for the tutorials will be provided but the participants are strongly encouraged to come with their own laptops. We suppose that prior to the meeting, the participants will have already installed Linux and a parallel version of the latest version (will be specified on August 1st) of ABINIT properly compiled on their laptops. We also expect that the applicants will have completed the 4 first basic tutorials (https://docs.abinit.org/tutorial/) before their arrival.

A prerequisite to follow this school is to have read and possibly done the first two tutorials on Abinit basic concepts to understand the very basics of running Abinit in Linux command line and be a bit familiar with the input files and basic input variables.