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Department of Dielectrics

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Solid-state materials science

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Project no. 101040057, EU-Horizon Europe, ERC-STG
2D sandwiches, artificial layered building blocks for multifunctional materials (2D-sandwich)
T. Verhagen, (2022-2027)

The ERC project will provide material design strategies that can remove the stringent lattice matching criteria to stack different classes of layered materials and provide these class of layered materials with similar stacking freedom as layered materials with vdWIs. These insights will allow the interbreeding of different classes of layered quantum materials, such as complex oxides, 2D layered crystals with vdWIs, cuprate superconductors or topological insulators or semimetals.

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Past projects:

Project no. 20-01570S of the Czech Science Foundation
Improved osseointegration of bone implants with the use of ferroelectric coatings
P. Vaněk, (2020-2022)
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Project no. 15-01558S of the Czech Science Foundation
Electroactive films on titanium alloy substrates for surface modification of bone implants
P. Vaněk, (2015-2017)
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Project no. 14-05506S of the Czech Science Foundation
Crystal engineering of novel molecular crystals for non-linear optics
J. Kroupa, (2014-2016)
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