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Department of Dielectrics

Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences


Solid-state materials science

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Group leader
Přemysl Vaněk vanek(a)fzu.cz technology, sol-gel method, differential scanning calorimetry, ultra fine milling
Jan Fábry fabry(a)fzu.cz synthesis and crystal growth, crystallographic databases, structure analysis
Jan Kroupa kroupa(a)fzu.cz nonlinear optics: electroptic effect, SHG, birefringence
Tim Verhagen verhagen(a)fzu.cz preparation of multiferroic 2D-sandwich-like materials
Olena Butsyk butsyk(a)fzu.cz synthesis and crystal growth
PhD students
Karel Tesař tesarkar(a)fzu.cz biocompatible materials, glow discharge optical spectroscopy, electron microscopy