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Department of Dielectrics

Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences


Dielectric and IR spectroscopy

We focus on the study of dielectric and vibration spectra of ferroelectrics and multiferroics in the form of single crystals, ceramics, thin films and multilayers in a very broad spectral and temperature range (1 mHz – 150 THz, 5 – 950 K).

What is original and unique in our lab?

  • We developed unique experimental methods for dielectric measurements of high-permittivity and high-loss ferroelectric materials (bulk and thin films) in the microwave range from 10 to 400 K.

  • Microwave magnetic permeability can be measured up to 3 GHz between 100 and 400 K.

  • Far-infrared dielectric response can be obtained not only on bulk samples but also on ultra-thin films with thickness down to 10 nm. Temperature range 5 – 900 K.

  • Time domain THz transmission spectra (0.1-2.4 THz) can be measured between 5 and 900 K, THz reflectance below 300 K. A new recent acquisition allows us to measure the THz transmission spectra in a magnetic field up to 7 T (temperatures 1.5 to 300 K). All this in collaboration with the THz spectroscopy group.

  • In collaboration with other groups from our Institute we can study magnetoelectric and magnetic properties of multiferroics using PPMS14 and SQUID Magnetometers from Quantum Design.