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Department of Dielectrics

Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences


Light and neutron scattering

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Group leader
Elena Buixaderas buixader(a)fzu.cz Raman and infrared spectroscopy
Fedir Borodavka borodav(a)fzu.cz Raman scpectroscopy and piezoforce microscopy
Ivan Gregora gregora(a)fzu.cz Raman spectroscopy
Martin Kempa kempa(a)fzu.cz Neutron scattering, microwave and broad-band dielectric spectroscopy
Petr Ondrejkovič ondrejkovic(a)fzu.cz Neutron and x-ray scattering, phase-field simulations
Jan Pokorný pokorny(a)fzu.cz Raman spectroscopy
Iegor Rafalovskyi rafalov(a)fzu.cz Raman spectroscopy
Cosme Milesi-Braultmilesi-brault(a)fzu.cz Raman scpectroscopy
Alexios Theodoroutheodorou(a)fzu.cz Raman scpectroscopy
PhD students
Anastasia Pylypetspylypets(a)fzu.cz Raman scpectroscopy