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Free time is scheduled on Wednesday, May 25 after lunch. You can plan your own activities, or we can offer you four organized excursions. There will be a limited number of participants for the excursion to the glassworks. Hiking options will be organized on tourist pathways (partially asphalted, partially unpaved surface), comfortable walking shoes are recommended. In principle, options 1 and 2 can be combined.

1) Visit to the Glassworks and Museum of Glass (60 people max.)

As part of an excursion to the glassworks, you will first visit their metallurgical production, a historic glass grinding mill, a glass museum, and you can also see the chapel of St. Elizabeth with an altar made of Venetian mirrors and a functional glass bell. Excursion length 1 h, departure from the hotel at 13:45 (short walk about 1.5 km). After the excursion, it is possible to visit the company’s glass shop with the possibility of buying local products and the local brewery restaurant.

Harrachov glassworksHarrachov glass muzeum

2) Tourist walk: Small Harrachov hike

Route length: 6 km. Time required: 2—3 hours. The route runs outside the busy city center. Along the way you can't miss one of the natural beauties of Harrachov — Mumlava waterfall where you can refresh in the nearby buffet “Mumlavská bouda” (Mumlava cottage). This part of the route leads on an asphalted surface. The second part continues on an unpaved forest path above the “Zákoutí complex” with a swimming pool, mini golf, tennis and a possibility of small snacks. The road continues along side streets of Harrachov with a beautiful view of the “Čertova hora” (Devil’s Mountain) and the ski jumps.

Route map

Mumlava waterfallHarrachov swimming pool

3) Tourist walk: Medium Harrachov hike

Route length: approx. 10 km. Time required: 3—4 hours. Slightly difficult route. The surface of the route is mostly formed by an asphalted road, some sections are formed by unpaved forest roads. The route will take you to the middle ski jumps, further along the bridge over the river Mumlava river and continues through the forest to the cableway called “Rý˛oviště”. Here begins a quiet part of the road that will take you to the river Mumlava and along the river you will gradually descend to the Mumlava waterfalls. At the end of the trip you will pass tennis courts, a swimming pool area and a moment later you will see beautiful views of “Čertova hora” (Devil’s Mountain) with large ski jumps.

Route map

Harrachov ski jumpsMumlava waterfall

4) Tourist walk: Great Harrachov hike

Route length: approx. 15 km. Time required: 4—5 hours. Moderately difficult route. The route is an extended version of the Medium Harrachov hike; it is the same until it reaches the Mumlava River. Here it is possible to turn right and go to the tourist point called “Krakonošova snídaně” (Krakonoš breakfast). Then back along the same path and downstream, you will gradually descend to Mumlava waterfalls. Furthermore, the route is again the same as in the case of the Medium Harrachov hike mentioned above.

Krakonos breakfastMumlava waterfall