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Main topics

Thematical scope of the 15th International Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals included all its traditional subjects:

Conference schedule

The conference started on Sunday, June 28 at 17:00 by registration, followed by welcome reception. The scientific program will start on Monday, June 29 around 8:30. The program continued until Friday, July 3 around 13:00.

FLC-15 preliminary schedule

A high-resolution version (PNG) of the final schedule is available for print.


Sunday, June 28
19:00–21:00Welcome reception
Monday, June 29
 SESSION 1 (9:00–10:40)
9:00–9:45Hideo Takezoe
Recent topics in polar liquid crystals
9:45–10:15Fumito Araoka
Improved performance in the ferroelectric columnar liquid crystal
10:15–10:35Xiao Meng
Combined electrochemical and ferroelectric behavior in a columnar liquid crystal
10:40–11:10Coffee break
 SESSION 2 (11:10–12:50)
11:10–11:40Dong Ki Yoon
Orientation control of B4, helical nanofilament phase
11:40–12:00Joseph Maclennan
Field alignment of bent-core smectic liquid crystals
12:00–12:20Mikhail Osipov
Molecular origin of the ferroelectric order, effective flexoelectricity and twist-bend structure in bent-core nematics
12:20–12:40Damian Pociecha
1D, 2D and 3D liquid crystalline phases formed by bent-core mesogens
 SESSION 3 (14:30–16:00)
14:30–15:00Martin Copic
Ferromagnetism in suspensions of magnetic platelets in liquid crystal
15:00–15:20Yoichi Takanishi
Chiral doping effect on the layer structure in the B2 phase of the bent-core liquid crystal
15:20–15:40Alexandros Vanakaras
Domain structure and polar order in orthogonal bent core smectic liquid crystals
15:40–16:00Nerea Sebastian
Optical and dielectric studies of distinct ferroelectric liquid crystalline phases formed by carbosilane terminated 4-resorcinol bisbenzoates
16:00–16:30Tea time
 SESSION 4 (16:30–17:45)
16:30–16:50Pawel Perkowski
Dielectric behavior of antiferroelectric liquid crystals with direct transition from isotropic liquids
16:50–17:10Vladimir Bezborodov
From 2-methylbutyl esters of 4-substituted benzoic acids to chiral polyphenylens: FLC research in Belarus
17:30–19:30POSTER SESSION I.
Tuesday, June 30
 SESSION 5 (9:00–10:40)
9:00–9:45Frank Giesselmann
The lyotropic analogue of the chiral smectic C* phase
9:45–10:15Antal Jakli
The role of defects in sensing lipids with liquid crystals
10:15–10:35Chloe Tartan
Stabilizing photonic switching states in chiral liquid crystals using 2-photon polymerization
10:40–11:10Coffee break
 SESSION 6 (11:10–12:50)
11:10–11:40Ewa Gorecka
New nematic phases - what we know and what we do not?
11:40–12:00Alexander Emelyanenko
Induction of new ferrielectric smectic phases in the electric field
12:00–12:20Vladimira Novotna
Unique field effect in the TGBA phase in a new lactic acid derivative
12:20–12:40Akihiro Mochizuki
A unique smectic liquid crystal switching behavior
 SESSION 7 (14:30–16:00)
14:30–15:00Valentina Domenici
NMR contributions to understand the orientational, dynamic and conformational properties in ‘de-Vries’ liquid crystals
15:00–15:20Samuel Sprunt
Second harmonic generation by a twist-bend nematic liquid crystal
15:20–15:40Yuri Panarin
Electrooptical effects in bent-core LC systems
15:40–16:00Pawel Karbowniczek
Excluded volume interactions and structure formation in thin layers of bent-core systems
16:00–16:30Tea time
 SESSION 8 (16:30–17:45)
16:30–17:00Wiktor Piecek
Orthoconic antiferroelectric smectic liquid crystals – the extensive study of influence of the molecular structure on the physical properties and electrooptical performance
17:00–17:20Jun Yamamoto
Slippery Interfaces - Drastic reduction of driving voltage for ultra-fast switching SmC* by the lubrication of the motion of C-director on the slippery interfaces
17:20–17:40Michal Kohout
Design and synthesis of photosensitive bent-shaped liquid crystals based on 3-hydroxybenzoic acid
Wednesday, July 1
 SESSION 9 (9:00–10:40)
9:00–9:45M. Blanca Ros
Bent-core structures as versatile building blocks for polar self-assembling systems
9:45–10:15Ingo Dierking
Smectic layer instabilities in chiral liquid crystals
10:15–10:35Jan Lagerwall
Chiral smectic C materials in shells and in fibers
10:40–11:10Coffee break
 SESSION 10 (11:10–13:10)
11:30–11:50Zbigniew Galewski
New class of chiral azobenzene mesogens. 4-[(E)-(4-alkylphenyl)diazenyl]phenyl cholesteryl succinates
11:50–12:10Agnieszka Chrzanowska
Possible mechanisms of polar order in 2D systems of banana type liquid crystals
12:10–12:30Shin-Ya Sugisawa
Extra-ordinary disruption dynamics in smectic-A films in polar and non-polar LC mixture
12:30–12:50Dharmendra Singh
ZnS:Mn d-dots dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal: Modulation of mesophase, relaxation dynamics and faster display characteristics
12:50–13:10Chia-Rong Lee
Wide-band tunable liquid crystal polymer template photonic bandgap and laser
14:30–19:00Free time
19:00–22:00Boat trip & dinner
Thursday, July 2
 SESSION 11 (9:00–10:40)
9:00–9:45Carsten Tschierske
Dynamic symmetry breaking in liquids and liquid crystals
9:45–10:15Przemyslaw Kula
Synthesis and properties of oligophenyl based chiral dopants for short pitch ferroelectric materials
10:15–10:35Jiri Svoboda
Aryl end-capped bent-shaped liquid crystals
10:40–11:10Coffee break
 SESSION 12 (11:10–12:50)
11:10–11:40David Walba
The helical nanofilament phase – structure and applications
11:40–12:00Noel Clark
Diastereomeric liquid crystal domains at the mesoscale
12:00–12:20Oliver Kress
Tension of self assembled bent-core liquid crystal filaments with and without carbon nanotubes
12:20–12:40Manju Middha
Improved electro-optic behaviour of induced chiral nematic liquid crystals doped with multiwalled carbon nano tubes
 SESSION 13 (14:30–16:00)
14:30–15:00Natasa Vaupotic
Cubic and tetragonal phases based on chiral rod-like molecules
15:00–15:20Mojca Cepic
3D smectic phase: Can the discrete phenomenological model of antiferroelectric liquid crystals account for it?
15:20–15:40Jun Yoshioka
Director/Barycentric rotation in Cholesteric droplets under heat flow
15:40–16:00Grzegorz Pajak
Modulated structures induced by chirality and flexopolarization: Landau–deGennes approach
16:00–16:30Tea time
 SESSION 14 (16:30–18:00)
16:30–17:00Giusy Scalia
The effects of well-dispersed carbon nanotubes on the phase sequence of ferro- and antiferroelectric liquid crystals
17:00–17:20Yoshiaki Uchida
Luminol emission in cholesteric liquid crystalline microcapsule
17:20–17:40Eduardo Soto Bustamante
Electropolymerization process as a tool to enhance alignment layer for ferroelectrics
17:40–18:00Martin Cigl
Azo-based liquid crystals with stabilized Z-isomers
Friday, July 3
 SESSION 15 (9:00–10:40)
9:00–9:50Vladimir Chigrinov
Ferroelectric LC devices for displays and photonics
9:50–10:20Morten Geday
Ultrafast AFLC based for passive display for true 3D images
10:20–10:40Stephen Morris
Optically switchable smart windows and photovoltaics using chiral liquid crystals
10:40–11:10Coffee break
 SESSION 16 (11:10–12:50)
11:10–11:30Jagdish Vij
Periodic patterns in the Ntb phase of achiral bimesogens and the elastic constants close to the nematic-Ntb phase transition
11:30–11:50Jia-De Lin
Omni-directionally and all-optically controllable dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal fiber laser
11:50–12:10Valeri Lapanik
Viscous ferroelectric liquid crystalline compounds: Basis for fast-switching displays
12:10–12:30Hoi Sing Kwok
FLC as a replacement of IPS LCD
12:30–12:40FLC 2017


P1 – Takuya Akita
New molecular design strategy for chiral paramagnetic nitroxide radical liquid crystals

P2 – Mohamed Alaasar
Chiral and polar phases formed by photosensitive fluorinated bent-core liquid crystals

P3 – Fumito Araoka
Self-assembly of a dimer molecule to form diverse supermolecular archtectures

P4 – Kvetoslava Bajzikova
All-organic paramagnetic bent-shaped liquid crystals

P5 – Vladimir Bezborodov
Ferroelectric liquid crystalline derivatives of aminoacids

P6 – Shinji Bono
The nematic order induced by anchoring surface of nanoemulsion droplets

P7 – Alexej Bubnov
Chiral photosensitive liquid crystals as functional dopants for organic solar cells

P8 – Alexej Bubnov
Tuning the phase diagrams – miscibility studies of multilactate liquid crystalline compounds

P9 – Daniel Budaszewski
Photonic crystal fibers infiltrated with photo-aligned ferroelectric liquid crystals

P10 – Agnes Buka
Unusual polarity-dependent patterns in a bent-core nematic liquid crystal under low frequency ac field

P11 – Sylwia Calus
Ferroelectric liquid crystal in nanoconfinement: Molecular ordering inside tabular nanochannels explored by optical polarimetry techniques

P12 – Ting-Huei Chen
Utilized polymer-dispersed blue-phase liquid crystals to fabricate polarization independence gratings

P13 – Zhengdong Cheng
The twisted structure formation in discotic suspensions

P14 – Nakcho Choi
Retardation analysis of vesicle structure of lyotropic liquid crystals

P15 – Nakcho Choi
Piezoelectric effect of FLC in vertical and horizontal Alignment

P16 – Wing-Kit Choi
Effects of floating electrode on the electro-optic properties of polymer-stabilized blue-phase liquid crystal displays

P17 – Wing-Kit Choi
Polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystal displays with low operation voltage

P18 – Noel Clark
Onsager ferromagnetic fluids: Spontaneous polar liquid crystal orderingof magnetic nano-plates

P19 – Dorota Dardas
Image processing technique for liquid crystalline blue phases optical textures analysis

P20 – Dorota Dardas
Orientational order of some liquid crystal/dye mixtures

P21 – Sergio Diez-Berart
Miscibility studies on two homologue twist-bend liquid crystal dimers

P22 – Sergio Diez-Berart
Existence of two consecutive glass transitions in the nematic order of an odd non-symmetric liquid crystal dimer dispersed with ?-alumina nanoparticles

P23 – Ting-Jie Ding
Electrically-tunable blue phase microlens with a photoconductive layer

P24 – Pavel Dolganov
2π-walls in antiferroelectric free-standing films at high temperature

P25 – Nandor Eber
Characteristics of flexoelectric domains in a bent-core nematic under ultra-low frequency ac electric field

P26 – Alexander Emelyanenko
Induced polarization and new ferrielectric smectic phases in the electric field

P27 – Sahbi Essid
Field-Induced ferrielectric state and transitions in chiral antiferroelectric liquid crystal in applied electric fields

P28 – Jakub Fitas
New ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystals for application in new generation of LCDs

P29 – Hirokazu Furue
Study on blue phase liquid crystals using photocurable monomers for nano-structured materials

P30 – Hirokazu Furue
Study on lyotropic liquid crystals doped with DNA

P31 – Edward Guzman
New developments in SmAPF materials

P32 – Vera Hamplova
Photo-optical properties of amorphous and crystalline films of azobenzene-containing bent-shaped photochromes

P33 – Vera Hamplova
Lactic acid derivatives - eutectic behavior of binary mixtures

P34 – Sho Hanehara
Transmembrane mass transport driven by the director rotation in smectic-C* free-standing films

P35 – David Hansford
Coherence properties of liquid crystal lasers

P36 – Kazuyuki Hiraoka
Phase transition and electric-field-induced deformation of a chiral smectic A liquid crystalline elastomer

P37 – Kazuyuki Hiraoka
Molecular fluctuation of chiral and achiral smectic liquid crystals studied by 13C-NMR spectroscopy

P38 – Tomas Hodik
Chiral liquid crystalline ligands for nanocomposites

P39 – Martin Horcic
Bent-shaped mesogens with terminal hydroxyl group

P40 – Yung-H. Hsu
Polarization independent liquid crystal lens base on a hole-patterned metal foil electrode

P41 – Tahir Ibragimov
Formation of local electric fields in the ferroelectric BaTiO3 particles-liquid crystal colloids

P42 – Yosuke Iwai
Rotation of a chiral nematic liquid crystalline microcapsule

P43 – Antal Jakli
Azo-containing asymmetric bent-core liquid crystals with modulated smectic phases

P44 – Rui-Fu Jian
Blue phase liquid crystals applied in polarization switching 1D/2D gratings

P45 – Sung Yong Jo
Polymer stabilized blue phase II for liquid crystal laser

P46 – Ki-Beom Kim
Chiral-optical modulation using achiral rod-like molecules nanosegregated in the B4 structure of achiral bent-core molecule

P47 – Magdalena Knapkiewicz
Experimental evidence of the switching process in smectic C*? phase of chiral ferroelectric liquid crystals

P48 – Vaclav Kozmik
Liquid crystals with naphthalene central core

P49 – Wojciech Kuczynski
Non-linear electro-optical effects in the study of the helical smectic liquid crystals

P50 – Katarzyna Kurp
Influence of two ring compound structure on helical pitch in SmC* phase

P51 – Valeri Lapanik
Electrooptic properties of nematic and ferroelectric liquid crystalline graphene nanocolloids

P52 – Valeri Lapanik
Goldstone mode and beyond. Is the Goldstone mode relaxation frequency in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals really temperature independent?

P53 – Jun Hyup Lee
Vertical alignment of liquid crystal using an in situ self-assembled molecular layer on the hydrophilic ITO electrodes

P54 – Lubor Lejcek
Filaments in the TGBA phase

P55 – Lubor Lejcek
Inclusions with finite surface anchoring energies in smectic C and chiral smectic C* free-standing films

P56 – Shih-Hung Lin
A fast-tunable Blue-phase liquid crystal microlens array

P57 – Jia-De Lin
Wide-band spatially tunable and hyper-reflective cholesteric liquid crystal polymer template

P58 – Jia-De Lin
Spatially tunable lasing in polymer-stabilized blue phase

P59 – Ke-Chin Lin
Polarization-independent blue phase Fresnel lens with a photoconductive layer

P60 – Monika Marzec
New ferroelectric liquid crystals studied by complementary methods

P61 – Hiroshi Moritake
Bandwidth control of full pitch band in a chiral smectic liquid crystal by varying incident angle, temperature, and electric field

P62 – Stephen Morris
Enhanced amplified spontaneous emission in perovskites using flexible cholesteric liquid crystal reflectors

P63 – Suwat Nanan
Blueshift in photoluminescence of composites based on dispersion of either CdS or ZnS nanoparticle in nematic liquid crystal

P64 – Izabela Niezgoda
Mesomorphic and spectroscopic properties of 2-methylbutyl 4-[(E)-2-[4-(dodecyloxy)phenyl]diazenyl]benzoate

P65 – Josu Ortega
Ferroelectric switching in a chromonic nematic liquid crystal based on a bowl-shaped boron subphthalocyanine (SubPc) derivative

P66 – Josu Ortega
Origin of the degradation of cholesteric liquid crystal lasers: Thermally-induced light scattering effects

P67 – Yuri Panarin
Deformed Helix Electrooptic effect in non-chiral bent-core LCs

P68 – Rami Pashameah
Synthesis and properties of novel liquid crystals with bulky terminal groups for ferroelectric mixtures

P69 – Marta Podruczna
Liquid-crystalline polymorphism of azobenzene derivatives with carbonyl moiety

P70 – Anna Poryvai
New chiral photosensitive liquid crystalline ligands

P71 – Beatriz Robles-Hernández
Dielectric studies of a cyanostilbene bent-core liquid crystal

P72 – Patricio Romero
Effect of electropolymerization in orthoconic antiferroelectric mixtures

P73 – Stanislaw Rozanski
Influence of hydrophobic aerosil nanoparticles on the dielectric properties of ferroelectric liquid crystal

P74 – Genadz Sasnouski
Condensation synthetic approach in the synthesis of lateral substituted ester-type FLC compounds

P75 – Nerea Sebastian
A fibre-forming modulated smectic liquid crystalline phase below a twist-bend nematic phase

P76 – Sithara P. Sreenilayam
Flexoelectric polarization studies in bent-core nematic LC

P77 – Maddasani Srinivasulu
Synthesis and characterization of new achiral ferroelectric 1,2,4 – oxadiazole liquid crystalline materials with different end moieties

P78 – Yoichi Takanishi
Field-induced superlattice structures and effective long-range interlayer interactions (LRILIs) in ferrielectric liquid crystals

P79 – Yulay Timirov
Dynamics of microdispersed chiral nematic droplets in ac electric field

P80 – Jiri Tuma
DFT calculations of bent-core liquid crystals based on 3-hydroxybenzoic acid: structure vs. mesomorphic behaviour

P81 – Kiyoaki Usami
Electric field dependence of the size of domains induced in optically isotropic phase of bent-core liquid crystals

P82 – Terezia Vojtylova
Comparison of separation behavior of ferroelectrics liquid crystals by chiral HPLC

P83 – Terezia Vojtylova
New approach in chiral HPLC for a study of the optical purity of new synthetized diazenes

P84 – Hui-Chen Yeh
Switchable Fresnel lens in polymer network surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals

P85 – Jun Yoshioka
Stability of double twisted structure in spherical cholesteric droplets

P86 – Magdalena Zurowska
Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of new high tilted antiferroelectric liquid crystals with the direct SmCA*-Iso transition

P87 – Magdalena Zurowska
Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of new orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystals formed from different 1-methylalkanols

P88 – Xiao Meng
Combined electrochemical and ferroelectric behavior in a columnar liquid crystal

P89 – Giusy Scalia
Optical investigations of an orthoconic AFLC