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Abstract submission has been closed.

Instructions for speakers

Standard facilities were available for oral presentations: conference PC laptop computer with Microsoft Windows operating system, data projector and laser pointer. The following presentation file formats were supported:

Hint: Consider providing your PowerPoint presentation in a PPS format so that it starts automatically as a slide show.

Details for poster presentations

The poster boards were 100 cm wide and 120 cm high (including edging frame) so the maximum poster size is approx. 96×116 cm. Please do not use self-adhesive tapes or Velcro which will not work. Pins will be available on site.

There were two poster sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings. All posters were hanged during both sessions.

Special issue

Participants of the FLC-15 conference are encouraged to present papers also to the special issue of Ferroelectrics. Interested authors should prepare their manuscritps in the standard format for the Ferroelectrics journal, please see the Manuscript advice file (PDF). The manuscripts should be uploaded using our Manuscript submission form before July 15, 2015 (the final deadline extension).

The expected length of the manuscripts is 10–20 pages including the graphics. Detailed information on manuscript preparation can be found at the publisher's website. Please note that images should be submitted in the TIFF, PS or EPS file format, see artwork submission details.

For any questions or concerns please feel free to write to .