10th International Symposium on Ferroic Domains

Prague, Czech Republic
September 20 – 24, 2010

The series of International Symposia on Ferroic Domains and Micro- to Nanoscopic Structures (ISFDs) is devoted to basic and applied aspects of phenomena originating from structural changes in condensed matter connected with breaking of crystal symmetry. The scope of ISFDs covers in particular:

The symposia have been organized in even years in between International and European Meetings on Ferroelectricity:

1.Volgograd (Soviet Union)1989
2.Nantes (France)1992
3.Zakopane (Poland)1994
4.Vienna (Austria)1996
5.State College (Pennsylvania, USA)1998
6.Nanjing (China)2000
7.Giens (France)2002
8.Tsukuba (Japan)2004
9.Dresden (Germany)2006
10.Prague (Czech Republic)2010


The venue of 10-th International Symposium on Ferroic Domains and Micro- to Nanoscopic Structures was Kaiserstejnsky Palace, Malostranske namesti 23/37 (in the middle of the photo below; see a map) in the very heart of the historical centre of the Czech capital, Prague.

The conference venue - Prague castle, St. Nicholas Church, Kaiserstejnsky Palace...

City of Prague

Certovka millwheel

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is well known for its historical monuments, classical architecture and rich cultural heritage that continues today in many theaters, concert halls, opera houses and galleries. Come and discover this wonderful city and walk in the footsteps not only of Franz Kafka and Antonin Dvorak but also of Tycho de Brahe, Johannes Kepler, Bernard Bolzano, Christian Doppler, Albert Einstein, Jaroslav Heyrovsky, Vladimir Prelog and others.

Vltava river in Prague

Transport from Prague Airport to the Conference venue

Public transport

Bus 119: Prague Airport (Letiste Ruzyne) → Dejvicka (end stop of the bus and Metro line A terminal), then take Metro: Dejvicka → Malostranska (2 stations), then take tram 12 or 20: Malostranska → Malostranske namesti (1 stop, walking distance if not carrying heavy luggage). The journey takes less than 1 hour including the changes and waiting times. The bus stop is situated directly in front of the airport terminal.

Prague public transport is fast, efficient and frequent. Metro and most daily trams and buses operate every day from 5 AM till midnight. Night trams and buses (line numbers beginning with 5) operate throughout the night. Similar to most capitals, the concentration of picpockets is elevated, be aware in the historical centre as well as on your route from/to the airport.

Petrin cable car

Basic fare of 26 CZK (approx. 1 EUR) entitles the holder to use all means of public transport (Metro, trams, buses and cable car to the Petrin hill) for up to 75 minutes including unlimited number of changes. The ticket must be validated using a yellow box while entering the first bus or tram, or while first entering designated area in Metro. After validation, just keep the ticket with you.

Tickets can be purchased at:

When entering the bus, remember to validate the ticket.

Airport express

The fast bus line operates daily from 5 AM till 10 PM in regular intervals of 30 minutes. The bus stops at Prague Airport → Dejvicka (Metro A) → Masarykovo Nadrazi railway station (Metro B) → Prague Main Railway Station (Metro C). The fare is 50 CZK or 30 CZK if travelling just between the airport and Dejvicka Metro terminal.

From Dejvicka Metro terminal, use Metro and tram as described under Public transport.

Taxi (AAA, Radiocab)

The journey from the airport to Malostranske namesti (Small Side square) or any of the recommended hotels takes less than half an hour and should cost around 500 CZK. The taxi rank of both official airport companies (AAA radiotaxi and Radiocab) is situated directly in front of the airport terminal. For the journey back, we strongly recommend ordering a taxi from your hotel reception rather than finding a cab in the street.


Transport from railway stations to the Conference venue

All principal railway stations are situated along Metro stations. There are only 3 Metro lines in Prague (A, B, C) so it is not difficult to reach Malostranska station (line A). From Malostranska, take tram 12 or 20 to Malostranske namesti (1 stop).
If you decide to take a taxi, we strongly recommend ordering one rather than finding a cab in the street. For AAA radiotaxi, just call 14014 and wait 5–10 minutes until your taxi (yellow colour) picks you up.

(Photographs courtesy of fungus2)


The scientific programme of the 10-th International Symposium on Ferroic Domains and Micro- to Nanoscopic Structures was focused on:

The official language of the conference was English.

For a list of confirmed speakers for the PFM workshop, see the PFM section.


Technical programme of ISFD-10 symposium was scheduled from Monday Sept. 20 morning till Friday Sept. 25, 14:00. The parallel PFM workshop started on Wednesday Sept. 22 at 11:15 and ended on Friday Sept. 25 at 14:00. Friday afternoon was reserved for optional tours.

Sept 19
Sept 20
Sept 21
Sept 22
Sept 23
Sept 24
8:50–9:00 Opening    
9:00–10:30 Session 1Session 5Session 9Session ASession E
10:30–11:00 CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffee
11:00–13:00 Session 2Session 6Session 10Session BSession F
13:00–14:40 LunchLunchLunchLunchLunch
14:40–16:30 Session 3Session 7 Session CExcursions
16:30–17:00 Tea timeTea timeTea timeTea time
17:00–18:00 Session 4Session 8Poster session IISession D
Evening programmeWelcome coctailPoster session IConcertConference dinner  

Programme of the ISFD-10 symposium

Sunday, September 19
18:00–19:30Registration at Kaiserstejnsky Palace
(Malostranske namesti 23/37, Praha 1)
19:00–20:00 Welcome coctail
Monday, September 20
 SESSION 1 (9:00–10:30; chair J. Petzelt)
9:00L. M. Eng (Dresden)
Quo vadis, ferroics?
9:45N. Setter (Lausanne)
Domain-walls as functional mobile interfaces
10:30Coffee break
 SESSION 2 (11:00–13:00; chair P. Saint–Grégoire)
11:00W. Cao (Penn State)
Contributions of domain walls in domain engineered ferroelectric crystals
11:45A. Roytburd (Maryland)
Thermodynamics of polydomain heterostructures
12:30M. Polomska (Poznan)
Ferroelastic domain structure in some hydrogen selenate and sulphate single crystals
 SESSION 3 (14:40–16:30; chair W. Cao)
14:40G. Catalan (Barcelona)
Emerging properties inside (multi)ferroic domain walls
15:25A. K. Tagantsev (Lausanne)
Charged domain walls in ferroelectrics
16:10V. Janovec (Prague)
Microscopic stucture of ferroelastic–ferroelectric domain walls in trigonal perovskites
16:30Tea time
 SESSION 4 (17:00–19:00; chair W. Schranz)
17:00D. Meier (Bonn)
Imaging and control of domains in a spin-spiral multiferroic
17:45M. Loire (Grenoble)
Magnetoelectric handling of antiferromagnetic domains in ferrotoroidic MnPS3
18:10A. Cano (Grenoble)
Pseudo-proper ferroelectricity in thin films
18:35A. Scaramucci (Groningen)
Domain walls in conical spiral multiferroics
Tuesday, September 21
 SESSION 5 ( 9:00–10:30; chair J. L. Jones)
9:00Z.–G. Ye (Burnaby)
Domain structure and phase symmetry in novel piezoelectric PZT and relaxor-based single crystals
9:45I. M. Reaney (Sheffield)
Intermediate phases in perovskite solid solutions
10:30Coffee break
 SESSION 6 (11:00–13:00; chair I. M. Reaney)
11:00S. Wada (Yamanashi)
Microstructure control and piezoelectric properties of barium titanate – potassium niobate solid solution system ceramics by MPB engineering
11:45M. Pasciak (Canberra)
Accessing local structure of ferroelectrics: diffuse scattering and atomistic simulations
12:15M. Iwata (Nagoya)
Field Induced Transition and Behavior of the Phase Front in Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3 – 8% PbTiO3
12:30J. L. Jones (Gainesville)
In situ diffraction measurements reveal origin of electro-mechanical strain in ferroelectric ceramics at subcoercive, cyclic electric fields
 SESSION 7 (14:40–16:30; chair A. K. Tagantsev)
14:40I. Grinberg (Pennsylvania)
First-principles based multi-scale studies of domain wall motion in ferroelectrics
15:25P. Marton (Freiburg)
Atomic-scale study of switching processes in PbTiO3 with defects
16:30Tea time
 SESSION 8 (17:00–19:00; chair S. Kamba)
17:00L. Q. Chen (Penn State)
Phase–field modeling of ferroelectric domains in multiferroic BiFeO3 thin films
17:40A. Morelli (Halle)
Bismuth ferrite nanostructures created by focused ion beam milling
18:10F. Johann (Halle)
Strain and doping engineering of epitaxial bismuth ferrite films
19:00Reflections and concert in St. Nicholas Church (opposite side of the square)
Wednesday, September 22
 SESSION 9 ( 9:00–10:30; chair L. Q. Chen)
9:00A. Artemev (Ottawa)
Phase field modeling and thermodynamics analysis of domain structures in BaxSr(1-x)TiO3 – BaySr(1-y)TiO3 bilayers
9:30N. Ng (Singapore)
A real space phase field framework to simulate domain patterns in nanoferroelectrics
9:50P. Ondrejkovic (Prague)
The piezoelectric response of nanotwinned BaTiO3
10:10T. Sluka (Lausanne)
The effect of an elastically incompatible domain structure on the piezoelectric properties of BaTiO3
10:30Coffee Break
 SESSION 10 (11:00–13:00; chair S. Wada)
11:00D. Damjanovic (Lausanne)
Domain wall contributions to electro-mechanical properties: new challenges
11:35J. Ouyang (Shandong)
Extrinsic piezoelectric properties of epitaxial heterophase polydomain ferroelectric films
11:50S. Zhukov (Darmstadt)
Polarization reversal dynamics in virgin and fatigued ferroelectric ceramics: an inhomogeneous field mechanism
12:15J. Rödel (Darmstadt)
Influence of electric field and mechanical stress on structure and properties of BNT-BT
 Free time (14:30–16:30)
16:30Tea time
19:30Conference dinner
Thursday, September 23
 SESSION A (9:00–10:30; chair L. M. Eng)
9:00V. Ya. Shur (Ekaterinburg)
Formation of nanodomain structures in lithium niobate and lithium tantalate crystals
9:45J. F. Scott (Cambridge)
10:30Coffee break
 SESSION B (11:00–13:00; chair E. Soergel)
11:00M. D. Fontana (Metz)
Raman probing of antiparallel ferroelectric domains
11:25T. R. Volk (Moscow)
Domain dynamics and regular domain arrays in relaxor ferroelectric SrxBa1-xNb2O6 crystals
11:50M. S. Nebogatikov (Ekaterinburg)
3D imaging of the nanoscale domain structures by confocal microRaman spectroscopy in LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 crystals
12:15M. Schröder (Dresden)
UV–induced domain wall conductivity in Mg-doped lithium niobate at room temperature
12:35A. Brugere (Grenoble)
FEM simulation of nanodomain formation in LiTaO3
 SESSION C (14:40–16:30; chair G. Rosenman)
14:40E. Soergel (Bonn)
From ferroelectric domains to photonic micro-components
15:05A. Haussmann (Dresden)
Bottom-up assembly of metallic and molecular nanostructures through ferroelectric lithography
15:30F. Laurell (Stockholm)
Chemical patterning of lithium niobate to obtain high fidelity domains by electric field poling
15:50A. Bartasyte (Nancy)
Curious periodic domains in lithium tantalate-niobate crystals
16:10P. Mokry (Liberec)
Dielectrophoretic forces generated by ferroelectric polydomain films
16:30Tea time
 SESSION D (17:00–19:10; chair J. Kulda)
17:00S. V. Kalinin (Oak Ridge)
Probing bias–induced phase transitions at a single defect
17:45K. Ji (Tsukuba)
Probing ultrafast relaxation dynamics of ferroelectric clusters in paraelectric BaTiO3
18:10A. Kholkin (Aveiro)
Temperature and depth dependence of PFM patterns in PZN–PT
18:30R. Proksch (Asylum Research)
Singing in Harmony - Multifrequency Techniques in Piezoresponse Force Microscopy
18:50A. Bykov (NT–MDT)
Instrumentation for PFM research in nanotechnology
Friday, September 24
 SESSION E ( 9: 00–10:30; chair I.Szafraniak–Wiza)
9:00G. Rosenman (Tel Aviv)
Ferroelectric and related phenomena in biological and bio-inspired nanostructural materials
9:45Y. Uesu (Tokyo)
SHG microscopic observations of periodically inverted domain structures in muscle fibers
10:30Coffe break
 SESSION F (11:00–12:35; chair A. Gruverman)
11:00W. Schranz (Wien)
Elastic softening and domain freezing in perovskites
11:45A. S. Sidorkin (Voronezh)
Formation of domain structure and domain wall motion in real ferroelectrics and ferroelastics
12:30H. Seiner (Prague)
Formation and thermally driven dynamics of interfacial microstructures in CuAlNi shape memory alloy.
12:45D. Shilo (Haifa)
Dynamics of twinning processes in ferroelectrics and ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
13:10CLOSING SESSION (13:10–13:30)

For the PFM workshop programme, see the PFM section.


9th PFM Workshop


ISFD-10 had a satellite workshop on Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) with tutorials, exhibition and practical classes.

This PFM workshop continued in the tradition of the Piezoresponse Force Microscopy Workshops held recently in Oak Ridge (USA), Lausanne (Switzerland), Aveiro (Portugal) and Tsukuba (Japan). The websites of the previous and forthcoming PFM meetings can be consulted at

The 9th PFM Workshop was held side by side to ISFD-10 in Prague, September 22 – 24, 2010.

Aim and scope of the 9th PFM Workshop

The PFM technique starts to play a leading role in investigation of numerous nanoscale phenomena in polar, ferroelectric, multiferroic and related materials, such as domain structure and dynamics, polarization switching, fatigue and other local electromechanical response effects. The aim of this workshop was to promote dissemination of the related experience and to build a network of advanced practicioners of this rapidly evolving discipline. Programme included tutorial lectures by S. V. Kalinin (ORNL, USA), A. Gruverman (Univ. of Nebraska, USA), A. Kholkin (U. Aveiro, Portugal) and M. Alexe (Max Planck Institute, Germany), covering description of the basic principles of PFM operation and image interpretation as well as the highly appreciated reports on the the cutting-edge scientific achievements and most recent technical developments. Lectures were complemented by practical classes with demonstration of PFM equipment performance.


Technical programme of the PFM workshop was scheduled from Wednesday Sept. 22 at 11:15 till Friday Sept. 25 at 14:00. Friday afternoon was reserved for optional tours.

Sept 22
Sept 23
Sept 24
8:50 PFM training sessions PFM training sessions 
9:00 Session ASession E
10:30 CoffeeCoffee
11:00 Session B Session F
13:00OpeningTutorial 5+6 Lunch
13:15Tutorial 1+2
14:40BreakPFM training sessionsSession CExcursions
15:00Tutorial 3+4
16:30Tea timeTea time
17:00Poster session II Session D
 Conference dinner  

Programme of the PFM-9 workshop

Wednesday, September 22
11:15Registration to PFM Workshop at Kaiserstejnsky Palace
(Malostranske namesti 23/37, Praha 1)
13:15Tutorial lecture 1 - by A. Gruverman (Nebraska)
Principles and instrumental aspects of Piezoresponse Force Microscopy
14:00Tutorial lecture 2 - by S. Kalinin (Oak Ridge)
Theory of PFM in piezoelectric materials
15:00Tutorial lecture 3 - by M. Alexe (Halle)
PFM on nanoscale ferroelectrics: size effects, domain stability, and artifacts
15:40Tutorial lecture 4 - by S. Kalinin (Oak Ridge)
High-frequency PFM and advanced imaging modes in PFM
16:30Tea time
19:30Conference dinner
Thursday, September 23
8:50Programme in workgroups
13:00Tutorial lecture 5 - by A. Kholkin (Aveiro)
Advanced topics in PFM: relaxors & polymers
13:45Tutorial lecture 6 - by A. Gruverman (Nebraska)
PFM studies of polarization dynamics in capacitors
14:40Programme in workgroups
16:30Tea time
 SESSION D (17:00–19:00)
Joint programme with ISFD-10, including:
18:30R. Proksch (Asylum Research)
Singing in Harmony - Multifrequency techniques in piezoresponse force microscopy
18:50A. Bykov (NT–MDT)
Instrumentation for PFM research in nanotechnology
Friday, September 24
9:00–13:00SESSIONS E & F
Joint programme with ISFD-10

For the ISFD symposium programme, see the Programme section.

9th PFM Workshop Organizers


Important Deadlines

Abstract submission:  May 15, 2010
Acceptance notification:  May 20, 2010
  Registration and early fee payment:  July 15, 2010
Manuscripts:  September 20, 2010 


Registration of all participants is handled by the Conference Secretariat:

GUARANT International Ltd. /ISFD 2010
Opletalova 22, 110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 284 001 444
Fax: +420 284 001 448

To register for the Symposium, please complete the on-line Registration. It consists of a simple Personal data form and the Registration form where you can choose your fees as well as book your accommodation or social events. Payment by bank transfer or by Mastercard/Eurocard, VISA, Diners Club and American Express credit cards is possible after the Letter of Confirmation is issued (it will be sent to you by e-mail within 3 working days after submission of your registration form).

Registration Fees and Deadlines

 Early Reg.
until July 15 
Late Reg.*
after July 15 
Delegate450 EUR550 EUR650 EUR
Students**300 EUR550 EUR650 EUR
PFM Workshop Admittance Fee for ISFD Participants100 EUR160 EUR200 EUR
PFM Workshop Admittance Fee Only300 EUR360 EUR400 EUR
Accompanying Person100 EUR120 EUR150 EUR
Conference Dinner40 EUR40 EUR40 EUR
*Subject to availability - early registration recommended.
**Student participants must provide proof of their student status. We would like to ask you to send us a copy of a written proof to the fax number: + 420 284 001 448 or in a scanned form by email:   .

Registration Fee Includes:

PFM Fee Includes:

Accompanying Person’s Fee Includes:


Early registration fee will only be accepted if the Registration Form and payment are received by the Symposium Secretariat by July 15, 2010 at the latest.
Late registration fee will only be accepted if the Registration Form and payment are received by the Symposium Secretariat by September 19, 2010.
On-site registration will be available at the Symposium venue from September 19, 2010.

However, we recommend to consider registering in time as the conference venue has a limited capacity and we may not be able to accept late registrations.

Please read carefully the conditions on cancellation and refunds.


Lunches will be served in the restaurant Profesni dum located just a few steps from the Kaiserstejsnky Palace across the Malostranske Namesti (Small Side Square).

Only full registration fee to the ISFD Symposium (delegate or student) or PFM workshop registration fee does include lunches.

Information for authors


The organizers would like to thank the participants for their contributions. The ISFD and PFM programme has been finalized now and abstract submission has been closed.

Instructions for speakers

Please check the length of your presentation in the programme. Within the allocated time, speakers are asked to leave about 10 percent of their time for questions and comments from the audience. Standard facilities are available :

For your presentation, you can use either your own notebook or the conference one. If you intend to use the conference notebook (preferably), please make sure to upload your presentation file well in time. Please bring in your storage medium (USB flash disk, CD ROM) to the registration office at least 4 hours in advance. You can also use our upload form (the same form you have used for sending the abstract) but only until September 16.

On the conference notebook, the following presentation file formats are supported:

Details for poster presentations

For poster presentations, cork poster boards will be provided. We recommend a maximum size of 95 cm (37 inches) in width and 120 cm (47 inches) in height. Please do not use self-adhesive tapes or Velcro which will not work. Pins will be available on site.

There will be two poster sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings. All participants presenting posters are kindly asked to mount their posters on Monday, September 20 in the morning or at least before the poster session starts. The posters should be cleaned up before lunch on Friday, September 24.


The authors of accepted abstracts are invited to publish their contributions in a special issue of Phase Transitions. The Guest Editors of this special issue are

In addition to the e-version on CD, two identical hard copies of doubly spaced manuscript should be submitted at the ISFD-10 registration desk in Prague on Monday, September 20. Participants arriving to Prague after Monday, September 20 may submit their manuscripts by e-mail to but only until September 16.
Later manuscripts will not be accepted.

The standard length of the doubly spaced manuscripts is up to 20 pages, including references and estimated space for tables and figures. For the instructions of publishing in PT see:


The reference style can be found at:


To speed up publishing in Phase Transitions, the referees will be asked to prepare their reports during the Symposium or sent them to isfd10@fzu.cz before October 5. To ensure a rapid publication, the deadline for final submission of the revised manuscripts to is October 29.



GUARANT International has been appointed as the official hotel accommodation agent for the International Symposium on Ferroic Domains (ISFD 2010) and will handle all related arrangements.

A number of hotels of various categories at reduced rates will be available for participants of ISFD 2010. A list of hotels can be found here:

All rates quoted are per room per night including breakfast and 10 % VAT.

List of Hotels

All hotels are located within a reasonable distance from the Kaiserstejnsky Palace.

Hotel   Category   Price in EUR
   Zone *Note
Aria*****229 / 2291
Hoffmeister*****115 / 1151
BW Hotel Kampa****90 / 961
U Brany****95 / 1061No vacancies
U Schnellu****90 / 961No vacancies
Waldstein****95 / 1061
Atos***54 / 782No vacancies
Jeleni dvur***72 / 792
Kampa Garden***64 / 751No vacancies
U Zlate podkovy***70 / 781
Strahovstudent hostel21 / 333

* Travelling time to the Conference Venue:

Please note that price of accommodation is not included in the registration fees.

Hotel Aria

Hotel Aria Aria hotel room
Name:Hotel Aria
Rooms:The Aria Hotel is a luxurious five star Prague hotel inspired by the beauty of music. This central Prague boutique hotel is composed of 52 rooms and suites dedicated to a specific style of music or to a particular artist or composer. All of our rooms and suites feature flat-screen satellite TV, CD and DVD player, radio alarm clock, computer with complimentary high speed internet access and mini bar. Luxury bathrooms, telephone etc.
Services:Guests of the hotel can visit hotel’s Music Library with wide selection of CDs, music DVDs, videos and music literature, next Screening Room, Music Salon, Fitness; guests can also visit the Vrtbovska Garden.
Location:Hotel is ideally situated in the central part of Prague called Mala Strana. Because of this perfect central location hotel is just a short walk from some of Prague’s most impressive sights, including Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the Royal Gardens, St Nicholas Cathedral and the Old Town Square.
Address:Trziste 9, Prague 1
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:Location of the hotel is directly next to the Malostranske namesti where the Kaiserstejnsky Palace is situated. The journey should take approx. 5 minutes.
Web page:http://www.ariahotel.net/

Hotel Hoffmeister

Hotel Hoffmeister Hoffmeister hotel room
Name:Hotel Hoffmeister
Rooms:A luxuriously restored family residence, Hotel Hoffmeister appeals to visitors wanting a truly authentic European experience. This charming hotel reflects the history, culture and romance of Prague and offers the highest international standards of luxury and service. The hotel offers 42 individually designed Rooms and Suites with Air-conditioning and heating, deluxe pillow top mattresses, door security system, in-room safe, satellite colour TV, radio and internet access.
Services:Hotel complex includes also ADA restaurant, RIA coffee bar, summer terrace and hotel cellar wine bar where a team of experienced professionals look after their guests. For a moment of relaxation you can go to The Lily Wellness Center & Spa that features lavish facilities, complete with Elizabeth Arden beauty center.
Location:The hotel is set at the foot of the Old Castle, close to the city’s many historical landmarks. Thanks to the unique location of the hotel the clients have an ideal opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the old town.
Address:Pod Bruskou 7, Prague 1 – Mala Strana
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:2 minutes walking to the tram station Malostranska, from here take a tram and go 1 stop to the station Malostranske namesti, where is situated Kaiserstejnsky Palace. The journey should take approximately 5 minutes.
Web page:http://www.hoffmeister.cz/en/

Best Western Hotel Kampa

Hotel BW Kampa BW Kampa hotel room
Name:Best Western Hotel Kampa
Rooms:The hotel offers light and airy rooms, furnished with historical furniture. All rooms are equipped with spacious beds with high mattresses, anti-allergy bed cloths and bed spreads, big wardrobes, TV with many satellite programs, shower, basin, mirror, toilette and hair dryer, direct Internet connection via Wi-Fi. The windows offer great views of the adjacent part and partly of the historical centre called Kampa.
Services:Foreign exchange, business services, sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, toiletries, souvenir, cigarettes, postcards, stamps, tickets, etc., laundry services, umbrella on request, safekeeping of luggage in a lockable room at the hotel, information about cultural, historical and social events in Prague, paid parking place next to the hotel, hotel taxi.
Location:Best Western Hotel Kampa has an excellent location near the historical centre Kampa. The hotel can be easily reached by car or public transport. Cultural and tourist points of interest are located very close to the hotel.
Address:Vsehrdova 16, Prague 1
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:2 minutes walk to the Hellichova tram stop, from there take a tram and go 1 stop to the station Malostranske namesti which is situated next to the Kaiserstejnsky Palace. The journey should take approx. 5 minutes.
Web page:http://www.hotel-kampa.info/en/

Hotel U brany

U Brany hotel room U Brany bathroom
Name:Hotel U Brany
Rooms:The hotel At the Gate **** (U brany) offers accommodation in 10 rooms and suite comfortably equipped with modern furniture. Rooms in upper floors offer a magnificent view of the Prague Castle and Petrin Hill. There is an internet point available in the lobby free of charge and a WI-FI zone.
Services:Exchange services, transportation services, sightseeing tours and excursions, laundry, safe-deposit storage free of charge, pets allowed free of charge, parking that is possible at hotel Monastery (300m) for extra charge.
Location:Romantic hotel is situated on the famous King’s Way (Nerudova Street) in the very heart of the historical centre of Prague.
Address:Nerudova 21, Prague 1
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:Location of the hotel is directly next to the Malostranske namesti where the Kaiserstejnsky Palace is situated. The journey should take approximately 5 minutes.
Web page:http://www.hotel-ubrany.cz/

Hotel U Schnellu

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Location:Hotel is situated in the historical centre of Prague, in the corner of Malostranske namesti. Hotel is located 5 minutes walk from the Charles bridge and 15 minutes from Prague castle.
Address:Tomasska 2, Prague 1
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:Location of the hotel is directly at the Malostranske namesti where the Kaiserstejnsky Palace is situated.
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Hotel Waldstein

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Address:Valdstejnske namesti 6, Prague 1
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:Location of the hotel is directly next to the Malostranske namesti where the Kaiseretejnsky Palace is situated. The journey should take approx. 3 minutes.
Web page:http://www.hotelwaldstein.cz/

Hotel Atos

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Rooms:Hotel Atos is a new modern three stars hotel that was opened at the beginning of the year 2003. All rooms have separate bathroom, WC, telephone, mini-bar, TV-SAT and hair dryer. There is a safe and free Internet connection in each room.
Services:For hotel guests are provided services like exchange office, refreshment, souvenirs, laundry, ticket and sightseeing tours reservations, 24 hours front office. At the hotel building it is possible to spend an evening in the restaurant Meduzzy.
Location:The hotel Atos is located in the centre in attractive area of Mala Strana. Prague Castle, National Theatre and Wenceslas Square, can be reached by foot.
Address:Melnicka 13, Prague 5
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:The hotel is situated near the tram station Ujezd. From here take a tram No. 20, 22 or 12 and go two stops to the station Malostranske namesti. The journey should take approx. 5 minutes.
Web page:http://www.hotelatos.cz/

Hotel Jeleni Dvur

Hotel Jeleni Dvur Jeleni Dvur hotel room
Name:EA Hotel Jeleni Dvur
Rooms:Hotel Jeleni dvur is a charming hotel with pleasant family atmosphere that offers comfortable accommodation in 30 elegant rooms. Each room is nicely furnished and equipped with spacious beds, anti-allergy bed-clothes, shower or bath-tub, toilette, hair dryer, under floor heating, next also direct-dial telephone, internet connection, satellite TV, safe deposit box. Wonderful view of the historical part of Prague is available from some rooms.
Services:Foreign exchange, business services, wake up call services, iron and ironing board on request, laundry service, information about cultural, historical and social events in Prague, hotel taxi.
Location:The hotel is situated in the historical-romantic heart of Prague near the Prague Castle. A few steps away from the hotel there is a complex of gardens with Jelení pøíkop (Deer's ditch).
Address:Jeleni 197, Prague 1
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:Directly in front of the hotel there is a tram stop, from there take a tram No. 22 and go 4 stops to the station Malostranske namesti. The journey should take approximately 10 minutes.
Web page:http://www.hotel-jeleni-dvur.info/en/

Hotel Kampa Garden

Hotel Kampa Garden Kampa Garden hotel room
Name:Hotel Kampa Garden
Rooms:Hotel Kampa Garden is a pleasant three-star hotel, which was opened in September 2005. Hotel offers restful accommodation in spacious and newly reconstructed rooms. Each room has its own bathroom (bath, shower, WC and hair dryer) and is equipped with stylish furniture, TV with satellite reception, telephone, safe and mini bar.
Services:Hotel provides services like nonstop reception, internet in the hotel foyer free of charge, Wi-Fi internet in the rooms, reservation of tickets for cultural events, travel tickets, hotel transport, sale of alcoholic and soft drinks, hygiene goods etc.
Location:Hotel Kampa Garden is located directly in the heart of Prague on Kampa Island. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel you can find many interesting historical buildings and construction works like the Werich Villa, the Èertovka blind channel or Charles Bridge. Prague Castle, Old Town Square and many other monuments are also within walking distance from the hotel.
Address:U Sovovych mlynu 9, Prague 1
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:Location of the hotel is within walking distance of Malostranske namesti where the Kaiserstejnsky Palace is situated. The journey should take approx. 7 minutes.
Web page:http://www.kampagarden.cz/en/

Hotel U Zlate Podkovy

Hotel U Zlate Podkovy U Zlate Podkovy hotel room
Name:U Zlate Podkovy
Rooms:Originally gothic style building of the hotel U Zlaté podkovy has undergone complete reconstruction and nowadays offers top-class accommodation in a homely atmosphere. Spacious suites are furnished very tastefully and practically, all rooms have their own sanitary facilities - a WC and a shower bath, a satellite TV, an equipped kitchen including of microwave oven, a kettle, a stove or a double cooker.
Services:Hotel also includes traditional Czech restaurant with a homely atmosphere, excellent (old) Czech cuisine or specialties of modern cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with paintings of the “old” Prague by painter Cechova.
Location:Hotel U Zlate podkovy is located in the very centre of Prague, in the historical Nerudova Street, just a few steps from the most significant historical monuments in Prague, e.g. Loreta, the Prague Castle or the Saint-Nicolas Church.
Address:Nerudova 34, Prague 1
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:Location of the hotel is in the historical centre of Prague within walking distance from Malostranske namesti where the Kaiserstejnsky Palace is situated. The journey should take approx. 5 minutes.
Web page:http://www.uzlatepodkovy.eu/en/

Student hostel Strahov

Hostel Strahov Strahov hostel room
Name:Hostel Strahov
Category:Student hostel
Rooms:Hostel Strahov offers 1, 2 and more-bed rooms with a shared WC, shower and a small kitchen.
Services:Exchange office, bars and restaurants, paid parking, sports facilities and copy center available. Hostel also offers catering services in a Self-service restaurant, a Pub and a Snack bar.
Location:The hostel is situated in a beautiful part of Prague 6, it takes just 5 minutes walk to the Petrin look-out tower, 10 minutes to the Prague Castle and 15 minutes to downtown.
Address:Vanickova 7, Prague 6
How to get to Kaiserstejnsky Palace:Hostel is located near the bus station Koleje Strahov. From here you have to take a bus No.217 and go 6 stops to the bus stop Andel where you have to change for a tram No. 12 or 20 and continue 5 stops to the stop Malostranske namesti where the Kaiserstejnsky Palace is situated.
Web page:http://www.studenthostel.cz/

A detailed description of the listed hotels can be found on the conference web.

Group reservations

For group reservations, please contact the Conference Secretariat at e-mail address , telephone number: +420 281 001 444, or fax number: +420 284 001 448.

How to make a hotel reservation

To make a hotel reservation, it is necessary to fill in the on-line Accommodation Form

Please note that the on-line Accommodation Form is only accessible with a password. Simply fill in the Personal Data Form and a password will be sent to you. Your password is the same for all on-line forms.

Reservations will be processed on a “first come, first-served” basis. Due to heavy demand and to the fact that distribution of rooms in many hotels is limited, accommodation cannot be guaranteed after August 10, 2010 although GUARANT International will make every effort to meet participants’ requirements.

Any reservation made after August 10, 2010 is subject to availability.

All rates quoted are per room per night including breakfast and 10% VAT. Should VAT change before the beginning of the Conference, the Conference Secretariat will automatically change the price of your hotel room and inform you in writing about the new rate.

Extras are to be paid directly at the hotel reception before departure.

Reservation confirmation – HOTELS

A one-night deposit is required to guarantee the reservation. After the first night deposit is received, your hotel reservation will be confirmed by e-mail. The remaining amount has to be paid directly to the hotel upon check-in/out.

A one-night deposit must be paid until August 10, 2010.

Reservation confirmation – HOSTEL STRAHOV

The full payment of hostel accommodation is required to guarantee the reservation of your accommodation at student hostel Strahov. After the full payment is received, your reservation will be confirmed in writing by e-mail.

Hostel accommodation must be paid until August 10, 2010.

Please read carefully the conditions on cancellation, changes and refunds.

Special tours and excursions

Special tours and excursions have been arranged exclusively for the Delegates and Accompanying persons at the 10th International Symposium on Ferroic Domains and Micro- to Nanoscopic Structures.

A minimum number of participants is 15. Conference Secretariat reserves the right to cancel the tour for which a minimum number of participants have not registered. In this case another tour will be offered or a refund will be paid after the Conference.

Booking in advance is recommended, on-site availability cannot be guaranteed.

For booking of tours please use the appropriate online form.

T1 - Prague Castle
Date:Friday, September 24, 2010; 14:00 – 17:00
Beginning:Kaiserstejnsky Palace
End:Prague castle area
Price pp:28 EUR
Price includes:Admission to the Prague Castle circle B and St. Vitus Cathedral, Eng. sp. guide, no transportation.
St. Vitus Cathedral

This half-day sightseeing tour to Prague Castle - the seat of the Czech President, includes admission to the Old Royal Palace with the Vladislav Hall, the seat of former Bohemian kings and to St Vitus Cathedral which originated from the 14th century. You will see St George’s Basilica, the Royal Garden and Golden Lane whose famous inhabitants included the writer Franz Kafka. You will have the opportunity to admire a variety of architectural styles showing the progress of European architecture throughout the centuries.

T2 - Prague´s Jewish Ghetto (Cancelled)
Date:Friday, September 24, 2010; 13:00 – 16:00
Beginning:Kaiserstejnsky Palace
End:Old Town
Price pp:45 EUR
Price includes:Admission to areas of the Jewish Quarter and the Old-New Synagogue, Eng. sp. guide, no transportation.
Jewish Quarter

This half-day walking tour will take you to the historical heart of the city – Old Town, which was settled more than 1000 years ago. The tour begins on the Old Town Square with beautiful houses, palaces and churches of various architectural styles and Prague’s famous astronomical clock. The tour continues to the Jewish Quarter. The story of Prague’s Jewish community can be traced back to the middle of the 10th century. This tour will visit the evocative Old Jewish Cemetery, which dates from the 15th century, Europe’s oldest Synagogue – the Gothic style Old-New Synagogue, the High Synagogue, the Town Hall, the Pinkas Synagogue and the Ceremonial Hall with its collection of children’s art from the Terezin concentration camp.

T3 - Boat Cruise with Coffee and Cake
Date:Friday, September 24, 2010; 14:00 – 17:00
Beginning:Kaiserstejnsky Palace
End:Old Town - close to Intercontinental hotel
Price pp:38 EUR
Price includes:Transfer from Kaiserstejnsky Palace to boat - short sightseeing during the transfer, 50-minute boat cruise, refreshments, Eng. sp. guide
Vltava river

This tour offers you the opportunity to observe Prague from the deck of a boat. The river cruise calms the psyche, evoking a romantic atmosphere and reviving one’s fantasies. During the cruise you will have the opportunity to admire Prague’s cultural, historical and architectural jewels such as Vysehrad Castle - the former seat of medieval Czech Kings, the National Theatre - the most important and lasting symbol of Czech culture and national spirit, Palace Zofin, Lichtenstejnsky Palace with its colonnade in Art-Nouveau style – unique in Europe, the Charles Bridge and, as well, the unmistakable, unforgettable panorama of Prague Castle for which Prague has become so well-known.
Having taken in all the history, you can further enjoy the tour by relaxing over coffee and cake, and some music on the river under the ancient stone abutments of Charles Bridge.

T4 -Prague´s Baroque (Cancelled)
Date:Friday, September 24, 2010; 13:00 – 17:00
Beginning:Kaiserstejnsky Palace
End:Prague castle area - Strahov
Price pp:40 EUR
Price includes:Admission to St. Nicholas Church, transfer from Kaiserstejnsky Palace to Prague castle area – Pohorelec, admission to Loreto Church and Strahov Monastery, Eng. sp. guide.
Old Prague

Prague’s architecture bears not only traces of the Gothic period, but also the heavy influence of the Baroque period, which contributed much to the present-day appearance of Prague. Baroque monuments can be found almost every step of the way in the city. This tour includes the former Strahov Monastery, which was founded in 1140 but reconstructed in the Baroque style in the 17th century. You will visit its remarkable interiors, including its Theological and Philosophical Halls. The tour also includes the Loreto Church, an entire complex that grew around the Santa Clara shrine and is one of the purest examples of Prague Baroque. Lastly, the tour will visit the Church of St. Nicholas, a landmark of the Lesser Quarter, which was designed by two of the most famous architects of Prague Baroque – Kristof Dientzenhofer and his son Kilian Ignac.

Please read carefully the conditions on cancellation, changes and refunds.


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