NoTeDev Workshop
on Terahertz Technology

Notedev is a Marie Curie Innovative Training Network that stands for "Novel Terahertz Devices". Leading European Universities and industrial partners come together with the common goal of challenging the Terahertz gap. Young physicists and device engineers are trained in diverse fields, taking part in the overture of Terahertz technology.

Terahertz sources and detectors have powerful potential for applications in biology, medicine, security and non-destructive testing. Some devices are currently in operation, but to benefit from the full potential of Terahertz frequencies there is an urgent need for developments in efficient, cheap, reliable, scalable and portable THz devices.

By developing a range of technologies across one network it will be possible to compare performance of devices across a range of variables such as bandwidth, operating temperature and stability. As a result the fellows employed by the network will gain a broad training across terahertz technology, and the commercial viability of any resulting devices will be optimised.

Thematic Areas

Novel Materials for THz Applications
Polaritonic THz Emission
Plasmonic Enhancement
Carbon Nanomaterials for THz Applications