Welcome to Stirin!

The physics and application prospects of relaxor ferroelectrics are subject of continuously growing interest. The need for a world-wide discussion forum focused on this subject has led to several ad-hoc meetings organized in the past. The recent positive and useful experience of participants of the International Workshop on Structure–Property Relations in Relaxor Ferroelectrics organized in Xi'an, China, 2011; the Workshop on Relaxor Ferroelectrics organized in Schloss Edesheim, Germany, 2012; and the International Workshop on Relaxor Ferroelectrics held in St. Petersburg, 2013 has motivated the advisory board of the last one to establish a regular biennial chain of focused workshops as a platform aimed to enhance the communication, exchange and collaboration among the researchers working in relaxor ferroelectric physics and materials science.

The event was held in Stirin, Czech Republic, on 12–16 October 2014. The chateau surrounded by a well-kept park provided a great venue for the Workshop, period accommodation as well as fascinating landscape. The single-session workshop program involved 51 oral and 26 poster presentations.

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