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XVII Czech-Polish seminar

Structural and ferroelectric phase transitions

Znojmo, Czech Republic
May 22 – 26, 2006

The idea of regular scientific meetings of physicist involved in studies of ferroelectrics and phase transitions in Poland and Czechoslovakia followed inevitably from the success of first such event in Blazejewko in 1979. The Seminar was organized in collaborating of the Department of Dielectrics of the Institute of Physics of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and the Ferroelectric Lab of the Institute of Molecular Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences. The Seminars are the international forum of presentation of recent results, unconstrained discussions and initiating of joint studies. The Seminars result not only in scientific integration but also in close cooperation and friendship. The XVII Czech-Polish Seminar on Structural and Ferroelectric Phase Transitions was held in Hotel Dukla in Znojmo, a charming town of South Moravia, a typical wine region of the Czech Republic. The program started on Monday morning, May 22 and ended with a lunch on Friday, May 26.

History of the seminars

I.Blazejewko, Poland1979
II.Melnik, Czechoslovakia1980
III.Kolobrzeg, Poland1981
IV.Piesky, Czechoslovakia1982
V.Kozubnik, Poland1983
VI.Liberec, Czechoslovakia1984
VII.Karpacz, Poland1986
VIII.Senohraby, Czechoslovakia1988
IX.Poznan–Kiekrz, Poland1990
X.Paseky nad Jizerou, Czechoslovakia1992
XI.Paseky nad Jizerou, Czechoslovakia1994
XII.Jurata, Poland1996
XIII.Liblice, Czech Republic1998
XIV.Swinoujscie, Poland2000
XV.Nectiny, Czech Republic2002
XVI.Great Mazurian Lakes, Poland2004
XVII.Znojmo, Czech Republic2006